Lyrical dance is a mixture of ballet and jazz. It is an expressive, and focused

on conveying musicality and emotion through movement.

Lyrical I (Ages 7-9)

  • Some ballet usually helpful but not required

  • Basic technical skill overview introduced

  • Strethching/Flexibility, Chaine turns, Pique turns, Front/Side/ Back leaps introduced,

  • Battements across

Lyrical TTA

  • Team Choreography Lyrical Class taken after Lyrical I for team performances

Lyrical II

  • Ages 9-13

  • Stretching/ Flexibility

  • Leaps- Front/Back/ Side, Attitude/Switch Leaps and Turns

  • Choreography and Combinations-Center and Across the Floor

Lyrical TTB

  •  Team Choreography Lyrical Class taken after Lyrical II for team performances

Lyrical III

  • Intermediate Technical Skills and improv skills

  • Beginning Emphasis on individual expression

  • Fluidity of movement and emotion based combos and choreography

Lyrical IV

  • Intermediate/Advanced Technical Concepts

  • Emphasis on emotion in dancing and breathe. Technique should be solid enough to focus on other aspects of movement

  • Connection with audience and story emphasized

Lyrical V

  • Advanced/Pre professional technical skills

    • Triple/Quadruple pirouettes, switch leaps, turning switch leaps, etc.

  • High level musicality and connection with breath and movement

  • High level combos w/ center and across the floor