Jazz dance is a classification shared by a broad range of dance styles.

It is characterized by the use of improvisation and influenced by rhythms.

Jazz I/II (Ages 7-9)

  • Some experience recommended but not required

  • Similar to Lyrical I w/ slightly more advanced technical skills introduced.
    (Chaine turns, Pique turns, Front/Side/ Back leaps introduced, Battements across)

  • High energy and upbeat rhythms.

  • Focus on sharp and energized movement

Jazz II (Ages 9-10)

  • Flexibility and Strength

  • Multiple Pirouettes, and Front/Side/Back leaps

  • Musicality and performance emphasis

Jazz TTA

  • Training Team A- Team Choreography Jazz Class taken after Jazz II for team performances

Jazz III (Ages 10-12)

  • Similar technical skills as Lyrical III

  • Emphasis  on high energy performance and sharpness

Jazz IV

  • Double/Triple turns

  • High level performance skills

  • Intermediate skills plus switch leaps

  • High levels of choreography, combos, improve

Jazz V

  • Same technical skills as Lyrical V w/ upbeat, strong rhythms

  • High level improv skill

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