Hannah Pavon


Hannah Pavon was born in Glendale California on February 11th, 1998. In 2006 she moved with her family to Colorado. She started dance in elementary school but wasn't serious till the 6th grade when she joined Bella Dance Company. She danced with them competitively for about five years then at the end of her Sophomore year she joined Dance In the Rockies competitive team. In her senior year, she started teaching, and choreographed pieces for the competitive team. Her passion for choreography grew, which lead her to Dance Commotion as soon as she graduated in 2016. Her plan after she graduated was to work and save up to move to Los Angeles at the end of the dance year. After a wonderful year of teaching at Dance in the Rockies and waiting tables at Ken and Sues, she realized that she wasn’t quite ready to leave home just yet. Hannah is excited to continue her artistic journey at DITR!