Audition Dates

June 1st - Durango

TBA - Cortez


Auditions will consist of “landmark skills” set by our faculty for each team level.

The second half of the audition will be learning and performing combination

taught by a faculty member.


All black attire is required for DITR Team Auditions.


$20 Audition fee (cash/check prefered , credit cards also accepted)


8:30-9:30 Mini (4-7)

9:30-10:30 Training (7-9)

10:30-12 Junior (10-12)

12-1:30 Teen (12-15)

1:30-3:30 Senior (14+)


9:00-10:30 Mini/Training (ages 4-8)

10:30-12:00 Junior (ages 8-14)

12:00-2:00 Teen/Senior (ages 14+)

*We ask that existing team members audition with the level in which they were placed. If we see fit, we will ask dancers to stay for the next level.*

*Due to the large number of applicants in the upper levels, all senior/elite team auditionees MUST audition for both teen AND senior/elite companies. It is highly recommended that those auditioning for teen company also audition for Senior/Elite. All Teen/Senior 2018-2019 auditions will be videotaped for faculty review and records purposes. These can be made available to you after placements/castings. These videos are for the sole purpose of DITR staff/faculty.

All new DITR team members and parents are required to attend a family meeting/interview with Miss Jordan upon their acceptance to the DITR team. During this half hour,  team dates, commitments, conduct codes, etc. are reviewed. All auditionees can set up their meeting at auditions. If the dancer is not accepted to the DITR 2016-2017 team, this time is optional and can be arranged to go over auditions notes and recommendations for classes for the next year.  Please contact DITR to schedule a time that is convenient.

Please contact the front desk  (970-385-5903) with questions.